How to use the line counter in Google Docs to find the number of lines or sentences in a document

Use Line counter on Google Docs

Google Docs is currently one of the best cloud-based cross-platform word processing tools with several features for productivity and collaboration. However, features offered in Google Docs, or any other word-processing program might often fall short for users with special requirements, and that’s exactly when you need to depend on third-party programs or extensions in the … Read more

10 Best Featrures of Google Docs to increase productivity

Best Featrures of Google Docs

A robust online word-processing application provided by Google is called Google Docs. It is a quite good alternative to Microsoft Office to create, edit and share documents online along with a collaboration feature. Moreover, the simplicity of Google Docs and familiar features & interface like MS Office can greatly increase your productivity, whether you’re a … Read more

6 Ways to Save or Download Images from Google Docs to computer

6 Ways to Save or Download Images from Google Docs

For most parts of the modern internet browsing experience, you can simply right-click on an image and select the ‘Save’ option to download it. This foolproof method works seamlessly on most websites and word-based editors but not on Google Docs. Google Docs simply refuses to download and save images from a document unless you find … Read more

How to Download and save Picutres of a Google Docs document

Save Google Doc text images

Google Docs is one of the most popular tools for most professionals and students out there. It has cemented its position so that most of the freelancers and content writers completely rely on it too. But, one of the most difficult tasks that quite many people face is, ‘how to download and save pictures for … Read more

Use MS Office on your Web browser as Google docs alternative: Quick Review

Use MS Office on your Web browser

For an individual person or a group or a company it is very important to have Microsoft Office in the computer as it helps in solving major issues that are associated with making presentations, spreadsheets, revenue models, writing articles, writing research papers, etc. This is a very powerful tool and is widely accepted by all … Read more

How to download Google Docs files in PDF, DOCX, or common formats

Select the Google Docs file formats to download

It is really convenient to write documents on Google Docs, as you can pick your pending work at any point in time, no matter where you are, or which device you are using. All your files will be on Google Drive, and unless somebody else has your Google account password, the documents are secure. But, … Read more

How to remove all hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word & Google Docs

Remove Hyperlinks on Word and Google Docs 10

Often while creating an assignment or report, we need to collect references from multiple sources, and we eventually copy text from those places to paste it within our document. Even though we can use the ‘Ctrl + Shift + V’ to paste only the text, and that will not paste the formatting of the text, … Read more

How to print a selected range of cells on Microsoft Excel and Google Docs

Print selected set of cells on Excel and Google Docs 30

If you need to organize data in a tabular form, there is nothing better than doing that in a spreadsheet. When it comes to spreadsheet programs, Microsoft Excel is the most popular one, however, Google Sheets has also earned a lot of popularity among a number of users in the recent days for the flexibility … Read more

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps got new look

A new look for the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps

Well, where at one side Google keeps working on its new version of Android and rolling out of dark mode in supported apps amid them it has recently announced on its blog the improved interface of Google office apps that are Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google has refined its office apps’ interface and now … Read more

How to send docs as email attachments directly from Google docs

Sending email directly from Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best tools today to create documents online, without putting any load on your system resources. But Google Docs is more than just a word processing program to edit existing documents and create new ones. Being a product from Google, it comes with a lot of integrations with multiple features, … Read more

How to change the case of text in Google Docs in the easiest way

Change case on Google Docs 5

We are slowly moving towards the online platform, and Google Docs is one of the best ways to write documents online and send them effortlessly through email or any other way. But we all used Microsoft Word in the early days, and we still use it from time to time but there isn’t any doubt … Read more