Facebook Brings Live Broadcasting to its Spaces VR App

In an effort to bring virtual reality (VR) experience closer to its two billion users, Facebook will soon allow Oculus Rift VR system users to live stream themselves inside VR to their Facebook friends and followers as avatars. The live streaming functionality will be arriving on its Spaces VR app, which is still in beta. Facebook Live is already been used by thousands of users to share moments with friends.

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By going live from Facebook Spaces, you can share a whole new kind of moment with friends and family directly from VR. Whether you’re touring exotic locations across the globe in 360, collaborating on a virtual marker masterpiece, or riffing on a viral video, the people who matter most to you can now follow along in real time on Facebook.

Facebook live Spaces VR App

When you will go live from Facebook Spaces, you will have a virtual camera that you can position anywhere in your space to capture the action. Friends on Facebook can comment on your broadcast and ask questions to you or can participate in the moment with you. You can even see their reactions in Spaces VR App.

While live streaming users can see friends’ comments and can pull out your favorites as physical objects that everyone in the space can interact with.

Facebook Spaces may be just a small teaser of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 10-year vision for virtual reality at the company, but with Messenger video calls and Facebook Live broadcasts already coming to the app, it’s clear that the company want to grab a bigger pie of virtual reality industry which is growing leaps and bounds.