What is the Sixth Sense Technology?

Sixth sense technology is a  part of innovation where a human can control robots & machines or devices by some simple gestures done by their hands, legs & fingers.

Technology is at its peak, daily something new is getting developed in different fields. With improving technologies the scientists are coming with brand new ideas which are making our world more hi-tech. When the first robot was invented everyone was amazed to see such innovation that can take the place of a human in terms of doing work. At first, the humans had to control the robots with controllers for making it do certain work and continuous monitoring was required. With time the technologies became so forged ahead that the monitoring time was minimized and the robots were capable of doing more works accurately.

In 1994 at MIT Media Lab by Steve Mann, the first sixth sense technology was developed and its further research was carried forward till 1998. And later by Pranav Mistry, however, it now not in the hot trend anymore because of the hurdles which need to be removed to really make it a commercial + consumer one. However, yet Sixth sense technology is a  part of innovation where a human can control a robot by some simple gestures done by their hands, legs or any other body parts depend upon the type of device one is using. The main thing is that it will obey all the instructions that will be given by you through some gestures. This technology can help the generation to finish a certain work in a shorter period and with more accuracy.

This is the perfect element to change our world into a digital one. This technology has the potential to enhance the use of the internet that a person uses to interact with the world. Right now we are using different devices to use the internet for our daily requirements and entertainment, but with sixth sense technology, we can do that same work with the help of simple gestures. The most interesting thing about this technology is the melding of technology with human gestures. A special type of sensor will be embedded on the devices which can catch simple gestures and turn them into operation. It will provide us with the privilege to overlay digital functionality in the real world.

We need different types of information and knowledge about different topics indulging in an assortment of work. We use all the other senses of ours to do a definite work, but the knowledge that we don’t have we gather it from the internet. The Internet is a huge pit of information and data is utilized daily for completing any exertion. Now, we need to use our devices like smartphones, computers, and so on to find out particular information that is required to accomplish the work. Although with the help of the sixth sense technology we can easily grab the essential data just by some gestures, it will also demolish the gap between the real and digital world and make our world a better place to live.

There are various parts that are involved in sixth sense technology that will play a vital role to execute the whole model. First of all, a camera will be embedded in the system which will be used to detect the elements present around the user. Secondly, color makers or the different colored tapes will be installed for channelizing the movements of fingers, which we need to wear on our fingertips. Next is the projector which will be used for portraying the function on any surface for operating the task. Lastly, the smartphone will be the key device to make the whole system function properly because it is the source of the internet. So, now you would understand why we could not see yet the six senses tech in our real-life because it yet not feasible to carry all this along every time. Therefore, we need to wait unless and it’ll al this packed in one single package like our smartphones.

Have a look at this TedX video to understand and get a glimpse of Sixth sense technology. Although it is quite old, yet informative.


By using this technology we can easily stop by in front of any surface and project the light there and do the respective work. This technology will fasten the use of the internet and help us to easily understand the mechanism. In a nutshell, this will minimize the gap between technology and humans. This will be a user-friendly gadget that allows you to make the complete world your smartphone. To understand it more see the reaserachgate.net paper submitted on this tech.

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