G Suite Basic vs Business: What is the Difference?

G Suite Basic vs Business

Google’s collaborative tools are trendy and extremely popular. And G Suite is a combination of all the technical services that Google has on the cards right from software, cloud computing to the collaboration tools like Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, and calendar etc. G Suite is thus also known as Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Domain. There are two different interfaces for the G Suite users which are G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. This article aims at making you aware of the difference between the two. You must note here that the free services which Google had earlier provided for Google Apps for work to its enterprise clients. Its cloud partners have also faced a setback in the sense of restriction to access to the free services available earlier. To enjoy these facilities, you need to pay a small amount to Google.

G Suite Basic and G Suite Business are in no way dependent on each other. In fact, their independence assures effective functioning of both of them. The Google feature for Work that you choose should be in line with the type of business you run.

G Suite Basic vs Business- What is the Difference

What is in G Suite Basic?


Even the basic version comes at a cost. For now, the G suite basic pricing is ₹ 1,500 for one year per user. By enrolling for the same, you can enjoy the premium services of email use and management. The basic version is practical for individual entrepreneurs and SMEs belonging to the industrial category. With such a small investment, you can pose a fantastic impression in front of your clients. The use of professional mail services will give an official touch to your business and will also take care of the management for you. You would be amazed by the ability of G Suite Basic to keep the affairs of your company neatly organized and compact.

If you opt for this service, Google will treat you like a premium client. Whenever you feel stuck, you can call the customer service which will always be at your beck and call. Even with the basic package, you will be able to enjoy the facilities of the important G Suite apps to the utmost extent. You can reach the customer service either by phone or email and can easily access the services of G Suite Basic anywhere and at any time.


What is in G Suite Business?

If you run a business that is well established and thus need a G Suite package which is more sophisticated, refined and suited to your business, you should go for G Suite Business. Business operations occupy a lot of storage space, As such, management of the same sometimes seems to be a Herculean task. By enrolling in G Suite Business, you can bid farewell to all your woes as it has a vast apps vault and utterly large cloud storage. The facilities provided with this package will make your business so swift that the cost of $10/person every month will not hurt you at all.

G Suite Business has all that you desire from a premium G Suite option. You can utile the work apps boundlessly, enjoy unlimited mail storage on Gmail, Google Drive, and the central business apps. G Suite Business also has audit recording feature which is a substantial component of every business. Moreover, it is armed with advanced software engineering to help you in archiving your files and emails as per the latest and the upgraded G Suite Apps Vault. If you are ambitious and see your business growing by leaps and bounds soon and do not mind investing this small amount in your medium-sized business, G Suite Business is a fantastic option that Google has on its menu for you. If your company revolves around vital data which demands a lot of security measures from you, you should opt for G Suite Business instead of the primary option because it comes equipped with much rigid security and is sure to take even your small level business to the zenith.

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How much is G suite per year?

If you are in India the cost of the Gsuite Basic, Business and Enterprise from the current scenarios would be:


Professional office suite with 30GB storage

 ₹150/ user/month or ₹1500 per user per year plus tax.


Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving

₹600/ user/month or ₹7200 per user per year plus tax

Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities

₹1650 / user/month or ₹19800 per user per year plus tax.


If you are in USA or Canada then it would cost you around:

Professional office suite with 30GB storage

$5/ user/month


Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving

₹600/ user/month

Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities

$25 / user/month

G Suite Basic vs Business vs enterprise price and feature comparision


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G Suite Apps



Everyone has a Gmail account these days. It is the most popular and the most talked about email service in the contemporary world. G Suite makes your Gmail experience all the better and equips it with all the upgraded services that Google has in store for you. With G Suite you can enjoy not only unlimited storage but also perks like instant message storage. You will also have access to those premium features that the basic Gmail service is devoid of. These features include VOIP calls, custom filtering and added security to ward off any hacking attempts and thus build a robust firewall to ensure that the vital data related to your work is safe and secure.  Moreover, it also enables the transfer of your email to Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.


Google Drive for Work

Utilizing the storage space on Google Drive is extremely common these days. Almost all of us have even linked our mobile phones to the Drive to avoid losing photos or necessary documents. With G Suite, you can also enjoy using 30GB shared space between Gmail and Google Drive. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited storage on Google drive itself. Dropbox, box, and OneDrive will take your user experience to another level, and you will never find yourself complaining that Google lacks in any aspect following your business. It even allows you to engage in web-based computing while working simultaneously on excel sheets, ppts, photo editing, video streaming etc.


The list of apps that you can enjoy working on with G Suite business doesn’t end here. In fact, it goes well beyond Gmail and Google Drive. You can even enjoy upgrades to your Vault. The enhancements include useful features like the ability to search archives and ensure even better security.