How to install MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Run mysql workbench

Introduction to MySQL Workbench. MySQL Workbench is a tool provided by the Oracle Corporation to manage its open-source MySQL database via a graphical user interface along with other collection of tools for working with MySQL databases. The software tool can be used to design and edit databases, display them clearly, and administer them. For advanced … Read more

How to Install MySQL Workbench on Fedora and RedHat (REHL)

Run the MySQL workbench on Red hat or fedora

The MySQL Workbench on Fedora or REHL allows the database managers, developers or DB architects to visually design the Database. It features Database Connection & Instance Management, SQL Editor, Visual EXPLAIN, SQL snippets collections, SSH connection tunneling, Unicode support, Data modeling, ER diagramming, Drag n Drop visual modeling, Database administration, Database account management, Performance monitoring, … Read more

How to install MySQL workbench on Ubuntu

Mysql WOrkbench Ubuntu database ER diagram

MySQL Workbench is a tool that used a very rich Graphical user interface to provide a comprised visual platform for developers and database architectures or Database administrators. In simple words, the developers or administrators can visually design, generate, manage and model the databases directly from the interface of the MySQL Workbench. In addition to data … Read more

How to create a Mysql Database on Amazon LightSail

Install, Create, connect Amazon Lightsail Database

Amazon Lightsail also offers a provision to create a database separately from the installed instances with its own dedicated storage space. Yes, it is paid and comes in different plans. The standard price plans available for Amazon Lightsail Databases in one Availability Zone only, with no redundancy, are: Amazon LightSale available plans for Instance. $5- … Read more

MySQL GUI Tools for Windows and Ubuntu/Linux: Top 8 free or open source

MySQL Workbench MySQL GUI tools

MySQL is the most popular open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is the heart of the web application software stack called LAMP. All popular application such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and more work on Linux using this LAMP setup (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Even some large websites including Google and Facebook somewhere use … Read more

PopSQL Editor Software Review: Write queries, visualize data, and share results

popsql Linux review

SQL Database is a type of Relational Database Management System that is, it helps in storing huge databases in its server storage securely so that proper authentication is maintained and theft for data stealing is reduced. For creating databases there is a by default SQL Workbench that is provided by SQL but, the functionalities in … Read more

Navicat Data Modeler 3 review: Simple but powerful data management tool

Navicat Data Modeler 3 review 2

A review of trail cum premium Navicat Data modeler software to design database via data modeling for dedicated database developer and/or an administrator. An er diagram tool for macOS, Windows and Linux OS. Managing data in a systematic way makes our work a lot easier, and maintaining a database is undoubtedly one of the best … Read more

Viber Linux: Download and install on Ubuntu 19.04 PC

Welcome to Viber Linux

Tutorial to install Viber Linux on Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 LTS, 16.04 including Debian, Linux Mint and Elementary OS as WhatsApp alternative for chat and Video/Audio Calls. Viber is a cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging software for smartphones that work on 2G/3G/4G and WiFi networks. It first launched a version running on the iPhone and later … Read more

Top Open source NoSQL database programs

OrientDB Graph Database Nosql program open source

NoSql, it stands for Not Only SQL, refers to the non-relational database. The next generation database mainly addresses several key points: non-relational, distributed, open source, and horizontally scalable.  The non-relational database has developed very rapidly due to its own characteristics. The NoSQL database was created to solve the challenges brought by the multiple data types … Read more

How to Install Grunt on Windows 11/10/7

install Grunt on windows 10-8-7

To install Grunt on Windows, first, we need Node.js and NPM on the same system where we want the Grunt software. So, before delving into the tutorial part to know about this, let’s first see What is Grunt? The Grunt is a JavaScript task runner which allows automating of different tasks for developers that are … Read more

How to install bootstrap in Ubuntu using terminal

Install bootstrap in Ubuntu using terminal

Bootstrap is a free and open-source project available on Github developed to provide a front-end web framework. It keeps supported and developed by a large community of developers across the world. Bootstrap helps or provide a platform to web developers for creating highly responsive and interactive web applications. It comprises HTML, CSS and Javascript together; … Read more

How to download Oracle Linux to install on VirtualBox

Install oRacle Linux

Step by step procedure to download Oracle Linux ISO file and then how to install it on VirtualBox. Oracle Linux, the full name of Oracle Enterprise Linux, referred to as OEL, is the first version of Oracle released in early 2006, one of the Linux distributions, to better support Oracle software and hardware support. Oracle … Read more

How to Install Ansible on Windows 10

Testing ansible on Windows 10

Know simple way to configure Ansible on Windows 10 using Windows subsystems for Linux such as Debian, Open Suse or Ubuntu.  Ansible is an open source software available for Linux Based systems such as Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu, Centos and more…  Besides the free product, it also comes in an enterprise version called Ansible Tower. It was acquired by … Read more

Qemu Ubuntu Tutorial: Know how to install & setup virtual machines

Qemu installing virtual machine

In simple words, the Qemu is a software program which is free and open source; used to create virtual machines over the top of other Linux operating systems just like VirtualBox and VMware workstation player. Not only, the Linux but one can also install this software on Windows and MacOS to test different Linux distros. … Read more