How to install Snap Store on Elementary OS

Do you want to install Snap Store on the elementary OS to easily download hundreds of open-source software? Here are the steps to follow…

Snap Store is the GUI interface to install various SNAP packages available in the repository of it. The Snap is from the Ubuntu team that provides cross-platform packages to install on most of the available Linux editions regardless of their codebase.

The focus of the snap store is on the installation and administration of snaps, less, on programs from the package sources. For software installed as a snap package, the rights of the snap can be adjusted via the snap store.

With some Ubuntu derivatives such as Kubuntu and Ubuntu Mate, only snaps can be installed via the snap-store, not packages from the sources.

Install Snap Store on Elementary OS Linux distro

1. Open, command terminal

Go to Applications and search from the Terminal application that will allow running various commands on the Elementary OS.

2. Run system update command

Before moving further let’s run the system update command to make sure all the packages on our Linux systems are up to date.

sudo apt update

3. Install Snapd on elementary

To install Snap Store, we must have Snapd on our system which is not there, by default on Elementary OS like Ubuntu, thus to get that here is the command:

sudo apt install snapd

Enable and start Daemon

sudo systemctl start snapd

sudo systemctl enable snapd

Log out and log in 

To put the Snap, in your system path, log out, your current system session, and log in again.


4. Command to install Snap Store on Elementary Linux

Finally, run the last command to install the graphical user front for Snapd, so that we can install packages without visiting the terminal and issuing any commands.

sudo snap install snap-store

Command to install snapd

5. Run Snap Store

Go to Applications and search for Snap and you will see the store icon, click to run it.

Snap store GUI Snap store installation for Elementary OS

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