How to install WHM Cpanel on AlmaLinux 8 Server

To manage Linux servers for hosting purposes most of the services are using WHM’s Cpanel. Although there are many hosting manager software, because of its easy-to-use interface and features, it is one of the best control panels for Web hosting services. And here we will know the steps to how to install Cpanel on Almalinux 8.

cPane which is also known as WHM Control Panel was developed in 1997. And for a very long time, we have been using it as a bundle software in most of web hosting services. the reason for its popularity is the graphical user interface it provides with excellent features that, thanks to WHM (Web Host Manager), limits the CLI usage to manage a web server.

Its key features:

Reselling of hosting services
Manage web hosting accounts
User-friendly interface
It allows us to create email accounts, redirects, and automatic replies.
Apache and MySQL integration
More than 500 applications and plugins to expand its features
Allows transfers and backups
And more…

 Installation requirements for CPanel and WHM in Almalinux 8

A valid static IP address and hostname
1.1 GHz CPU- 64-bit
Minimum: 1 GB and Recommended: 2 GB
Free space on the 20 GB hard drive, however, 40 GB is recommended

As a cPanel license, they offer a trial version, hence we can try it for 15 days without paying anything. Whereas, the personal license is available at 15 dollars per month.

Note: Once installed you cannot uninstall this control panel from your server. To remove it you have to reinstall AlmaLinux.

Steps to setup CPanel on AlmaLinux 8

1: Run system update

Before moving forward and installing anything let’s update our system’s existing packages to the latest version of the AlmaLinux 8 operating system.

yum update
yum upgrade


2. Install Perl and Curl

Since the cPanel is written in Perl, let’s first install it on our AlmaLinux 8 along with curl which we will use to download the cPanel installation script.

yum install perl curl


3. Download the WHM cPanel installation script

Now, we run the following line to download the script to our main directory which will automate the installation process.

cd /home && curl -o latest -L


4. Run the Cpanel installation script

After downloading, we start the execution process of the downloaded script by using the given command:

sh latest

Note: If you get a hostname error then you can set that by using the command-


Replace with the actual hostname you want to use.  For example– in our case, we have used


5. log in to WHM

Once this process is completed, we can access cPanel, go to a browser and enter the following line in the address bar:  https://Server_IP: 2087. Replace Server_IP with your Ip-address or fully qualified domain name.

As we can see, this indicates that the connection to the site is not secure. To bypass this, click on the Advanced button and proceed with the “Continue to IP-address (unsafe)” link.  This will add the appropriate exception in the new window to allow the connection with cPanel.

https error in browser


The following window is displayed in which you have to enter your AlmaLinux root user and password to access data for cPanel.

Login WHM on AlmaLinux 8

Accept the Terms and conditions…

Agree Cpanbel WHM terms and conditions


6. Apply for Cpanel & WHM Trail license

Login to the cPanel store using a button given for it. This will allow you to create an account with WHM service if you don’t have one. After login, a 15-day free trial license will be issued.

Apply for Cpanel try license Trial license for Cpanel WHM

Enter the email address and your hosting service naming Server details. If you don’t know about it, then simply search online for that.

Set Naming server


7. WHM Dashboard

Finally, you have installed WHM on Alamlinux 8, now create a cPanel account on it to start hosting a website.

WHM Cpanel installation on AlmaLinux 8


Configuration paths for cPanel and WHM files

Here are a few directories for cPanel installed items, in case any of you want to access it manually on AlmaLinux 8 using the command line-

CPanel directories

Third-party tools


Directories of addons or cPanel add-ons


Basic files like PHPMyAdmin, themes


CPanel binaries


CGI files


Access to cPanel & Error event files


WHM files


Apache configuration


Configuration of the Exim mail server


Named configuration files


Configuration files ProFTP and Pureftpd

 /etc/proftpd.conf and /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

CPanel user files


CPanel configuration files (tweak settings)


Network configuration files


Addons and subdomain information


CPanel update files


Clamav configuration files


MySQL configuration files


PHP.ini configuration files


So, these were some quick steps to configure Cpanel & WHM on AlamLinux for web hosting and the respective management of devices and associated accounts.


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