How to RDP from Windows 7/10/11 to access Linux Mint

RDP is the simplest way on Windows to connect to another Windows operating system, however, we can also use it to access remote Linux systems. And here we know how?

RDP – short for Remote Desktop – lets us control computers remotely over the network. Mouse and keyboard inputs are transferred to the target device and the screen is mirrored. It is often used in larger companies by system administrators to install or resolve some software issues or making some settings on other computers without physically access them. You can only control your PC remotely via RDP if you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 in the Pro version.

How to connect remote desktop of Linux VM or desktop from Windows via RDP

Here we are using Linux Mint 20.2 but you can follow the steps for earlier versions as well as for Ubuntu 21.04, 20.04, 18.04 including Elementary OS, MX Linux, POP!OS and other similar Linux systems.

1. Open a command terminal

Go to Linux Mint “Start” menu and search for Terminal app to run or press Ctrl+Alt+T to access the same.


2. Run system update

Now, let’s run the system update command to ensure all the packages 0f the system are up to date. This will also refresh the system repository cache as well.

sudo apt update


3. Install XRDP on Linux Mint

The XRDP is an open-source Remote Desktop Protocol server for Linux that allows Windows uses to get remote Linux machine access over RDP.  It offers two-way clipboard transfer (text, bitmap, file), audio redirection, drive redirection while all this is transferred over an encrypted connection using TLS by default. The best thing it is already available in the base repository of Linux Mint thus no need to add any third-party repo. Just follow the below-given command:

sudo apt install xrdp

Check the status:

sudo systemctl status xrdp


4. Find the IP address of your machine

In the Linux mint where you have installed the XRDP, you must know the IP address of the same machine to access it remotely over RDP using Windows OS. To get the Ip type-

ip a

Note: Once you know the IP address, log out of your system.


5. Access Linux Mint from Windows over RDP

Finally, on your Windows OS 11/10/8/7 open the Remote Desktop App and enter the IP address of the Linux Mint machine that you want to access remotely.

Remote Desktop Connection on Windows to access Linux

Click the Yes button to accept the incoming connection.

XRDP connection Mint


6. Login XRDP Xorg Session

Now, enter the username and password of the remote Linux system that you want to manage remotely and hit the OK button.

XRDP login to access remote Linux system

Finally, you will have the display to control a remote Linux system with GUI.

Access Linux Mint from Windows 10 11 using RDP




2 thoughts on “How to RDP from Windows 7/10/11 to access Linux Mint”

  1. It works but is WAY too slow to be useful, and the screen size of the Linux target machine is not respected.
    I’ll stick with the free TeamViewer which has no such issues.

  2. It works? Since there is no set up or configuration of xrdp, mine does NOT work. Is there any way you can look at how XRPD is configured or make changes or anything?


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