How to install Gnome GUI on Almalinux 8.4

install Gnome GUI on AlmaLinux 8

Those who have just installed the AlmaLinux Minimal ISO version without GUI Desktop, have to use the command-line interface. And if you are not comfortable with it anymore, then it is possible to install Graphical Linux Desktop using such as Gnome using just a few …

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How to install XFCE GUI on Oracle Linux 8 or 7?

XFCE graphical user interface installation on Oracle 8 or 7

If you are running Oracle Linux 8 or 7 command line server and want to install a graphical user interface such as XFCE desktop environment then here is the tutorial on that. Oracle Linux which is based on RHEL (red hat enterprise Linux) works in …

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Kui Graphical terminal installation on Linux

KUI graphical terminal Screenshot option min

Are got bored with the traditional command-line terminal of Linux? Then try the open-source graphical terminal called KUI. It has a beautiful interactive interface for the command line with clickable elements. Well, Graphical terminals in simple terms a system that can display both text and …

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