60+ Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See in 2023

Best Google Easter Eggs hidden

Upon hearing the word Google, almost everyone thinks about the mainstream search engine that we have grown used to and dependent on over the years. Here are some best-known Google Easter eggs in various categories such as games, Google’s tribute to some TV show, history, etc… The iconic home screen of the Google search engine … Read more

How to enable zooming on web pages that don’t allow on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for smartphone

Enable force zoon on Firefox mobile 5

The internet is no longer a place for unformatted text everywhere, and pretty much now, the internet has all the information that we want to get, in multimedia format. Talking about multimedia elements on modern web pages, formatted texts, and images to videos and animations, we can find almost everything on modern web pages nowadays. … Read more

How to Download Instagram Videos or Photos using Browser on Android

Download Instagram Image or Video using browser min

Instagram has emerged out to be one of the most popular social media apps out there. It has given a nail-biting fight to all its counterparts, and there is no doubt in this regard. Most of us remain hooked to this app for hours daily and spend most of our quality and free time in … Read more

Without any app Post photos to Instagram from PC or Laptop

Upload Photos to Instgaram from PC Chrome or Firefox

Can you post photos on Instagram without the app from a Windows 10, macOS, or Linux Desktop PC or Laptop?  Of course Yes, it is possible just using any Browser, here we let you know how to upload Instagram pictures from your PC. Instagram doesn’t need any introduction at all. It is a popular platform … Read more

All About Google Trips | Google Trips Alternatives in 2021

Google Travel a best alternative to Google Trips min

Do you often find yourself traveling to new places and spending your vacations in different cities or different countries every now and then? In those trips, have you stood in front of the reception endlessly going through emails for the reservation, or have you ever made a whole line of people wait because your phone … Read more

Top 10 Google Assistant tricks that are worth trying out to streamline your work and personal life

Top 10 Google Assistant tricks that are worth trying out

We all are quite familiar with virtual digital assistants by Google, Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft, etc. From asking silly questions to setting reminders and see weather or traffic, the digital assistants can cater to a lot of things that we need, replacing the usual way of carrying out the manual efforts to get … Read more

6 Best Card Games for Android on the Google Play Store

FreeCell Solitaire best card game for android

Game of Cards are still very popular among the masses and a lot of games of the same in the Google Play store are proof of it. Well, there are many such games available in the store, but now the question arises that which game should we download and play?  Below are the best card … Read more

How to create a shortcut to one-tap scanning on Android, to save the scanned documents directly to Google Drive

Save scanned documents to Google Drive directly 10 (Small)

Today, it is easier to scan with our mobile phones rather than using a physical scanner, where we first have to put the document to be scanned within the scanner and use the software to save the scanned document to a file. If you are scanning multiple documents, you will have to do these steps … Read more

3 Best Fitness Apps that are available for free on Google Play Store

Lose Weight best fitness App for Men for ANdroid on Google play store – Weight Loss in 30 Days

So, in this list article, we have included some of the best free apps for fitness available in our Android’s Google play store to workout at home. Nowadays, almost every young person is very conscious of his body. Everyone wants to have an attractive and strong appearance for which they spend a lot of time … Read more