Top 10 Linux distributions OS most popular in last 6 months of 2019

It is really difficult to track all available Linux distributions because they are countless, daily some new project is coming in and some going out (dead). That’s why Linux newcomers can easily be confused, although some top options such as Ubuntu, Debian, CertnOS, Linux Mint, Deepin etc. are always there to start. However, if you want to know the top 10 most downloaded and used Linux distros in past six months then here is the list. In it, you will find real popular systems but also one or the other unknown masterpiece. Lately, one new Linux OS start getting much traction and able to rank at the first spot in this top 10 list of Linx distros i.e MX Linux.

Best Linux Distribution for Desktop PC or Laptops 2019

The best Linux distros list here is as per their usage and download, they are arranged as per the data from the most popular Linux Distribution website called Distrowatch. You can test most of them alongside your existing Windows 10 or 7 installation or using VirtualBox or Vmware Workstation. Furthermore, they all are available in ISO format which means it easy to create a bootable USB drive using any of them. The third-party USB maker software one can use are Rufus, Unibootin and Blanethcer. All the given Linux distros are available with a stable version and beautiful graphical user interface. Let’s have a look.

1. MX Linux- top most popular OS

Debian Linux OS is upstream for variety of Linux distributions and MX Linux is also one of them. It is a new name but as per the data, one of the most popular open-source Linux distros of 2019. Not only Debian but it also use the antiX Linux as a base.

To make it lightweight the developers have used XFCE desktop environment which makes users run it on older computer systems such as personal Desktop or Laptop, those were having low hardware configuration.

MX Linux best linux distro 2019

Moreover, it comes with Live environment which allows you to test it first before installing on your machine. The ISO file MX Linux is 1.5 GB and available for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Furthermore, productive applications also come with it such as Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice and more.

Download MX-Linux

2. Manjaro Linux – 2nd most popular OS

Manjaro Linux is not a new name and quite been here for some time now, yet most of the people don’t know it, expect Ubuntu and Linux Mint, when it comes to user-friendly OS. But that is not true, try out Manjaro, it is based on on the Arch Linux distro, indeed you have to learn the command curves of this second top Linux distro.

It is available with multiple desktop environments such as XFCE, KDE, GNOME and more… There is nothing trailblazing but has good stability, ability to install multiple kernels, automatic hardware detection and easy to use.

The size of Manajaro ISO to download is between 1.8 to 2 GB and the latest version supports 64 bit (x86_64) systems only.

Manjaro Linux top 10 linux 2019

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3. Linux Mint

The third most popular Linux of 2019 is Linux Mint and it doesn’t need any introduction at all. It is one of the best alternatives to the Windows 7 operating system in the open-source world. The black and green combination and automatic support to almost all available hardware in your desktop laptop systems make it an unlimited Linus distro. It is based on Ubuntu and offers several Linux desktop environments such as MATE, Xfce, KDE and Cinnamon. However, the most popular one is Cinnamon with a Windows-like interface.

Linux Mint most popular Linux OS

It is one of the best Linux distros for beginners since it is easy to use and supports a vast range of open-source software. Linux Mint is available in ISO format which sizes around 1.8 to 1.9 GB for both 32 and 64-bit systems, that means if you have some old PC or laptop then you can go for it.

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4. Debian Linux

As base OS for hundred of Linux operating system. An open-source Linux distro that has been developed and tested for years. It comes with a simple interface and one of the easiest Linux to install. Default GNOME desktop environment, apt package manager and support to large system architecture(arch64, armel, armhf, i386, mips, mipsel, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x) are some of its features. Also available in a graphical user interface KDE and Xfce.

Debian Linux Distro

The ISO file to download for popular Debian is available to support both 32 bit and 64 bit. It is also accessible on almost every Cloud as server OS image.

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5. Ubuntu Desktop and Server OS

Well!, when the derived or fork operating system Linux Mint is that much great then its upstream OS definitely will be. Ubuntu is available for Desktop and servers, and one of the most popular Linux operating system amid developers and common users. However, in the last six months somewhat slip to 5th ranking it appears people want to try something new. Nevertheless, Ubuntu is the best in terms of stability, hardware recognization, software availability, different flavours and ease of usage.

Ubuntu linux distro in top 10 list

Its software centre and the default support to SNAPD really help to Linux beginners in installing free software with just a few clicks and without a terminal. Moreover, it is also available as a minimal command-line server OS. ISO can be downloaded only for 64-bit systems.

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6. elementary OS

elementary OS is not different, is also based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint, the thing which makes it one of the popular Linux distros is its desktop interface and wide range of out of the box useful software.

If you have ever seen it, then you might have felt its appearance is similar to macOS. This Linux distro for those requires an OS with all day to day software from office suite to music and video players. Just like Ubuntu, here you can also use its software centre to install numbers of software and application packages with a few mouse clicks.

elementary OS best Linux

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7. Solus

You might be perplexed by hearing Solus in this top 10 Linux distros list, however, it is here. Solus is popular because its minimalistic design and simple touch of Budgie desktop environment that makes it suitable for everyone because of familiar GNOME 2 Desktop looks. Apart from Budgie, it also available in GNOME and MATE DE.

For management it user Flatpak, eopkg (pisi fork) and Snap, thus one can easily install any software using the command without any difficulty.

Solus popular Linux operating system

Developed for only 64-bit systems, it offers a wide range of function and uses some gnome-software and is based on the graphics toolkit GTK + (GIMP Toolkit). Worth to give try once.

You can download its ISO image from here.

Solus System requirements:

  • Minimum of 10GB of Harddrive space
  • 2GB of RAM recommended one
  • A 64-bit (x86_64) processor.

8. Fedora

So, finally something from Redhat but free to download and use i.e Fedora. Redhat is not available to use for free of cost, thus the users those want it can go for Fedora or CentOS. Both are available for Desktop and laptop usage with intuitive GNOME Desktop environment.

Fedora workstation

Fedora ISO image can be downloaded for workstations (Desktops/laptops) and Servers. Support 32 bit and 64 bit systems with the most innovative and interesting concepts, so who wants to ride on the spearhead go and grab this open-source Linux distro.

Download Fedora.

9. Deepin, an innovative Linux OS

Personally, I have used this Linux distro and believe me apart from few glitches, it is best operating in terms of the graphical environment, usage and inbuilt applications. It can easily replace your old windows system. However, even in the stable version, I have faced some issues like slow wifi connection. But surely one should try it once.

Deepin, an innovative Linux OS

It is based on Debian and originated from China. Deepin has its own DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment which is based on the Qt 5 toolkit. It comes with WPS office, intuitive System Monitor, screenshot tool, DMusic and DPlayer player and a lot more. With the help of Deepin Software Centre, one can install a variety of applications in just one click.

The installation of it is super easy and it can be considered as Windows alternative for office and home use. Available in ISO format for 64 bit systems.

Download Deepin Linux ISO

10. Zorin OS

Another popular Linux OS in this top distro list which is known as one of the best alternatives for Windows 10 and Windows 7 because of its interface and integration of all necessary software including games.

Zorin is free Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, the premium version its comes with multiple interfaces to resemble Windows and macOS. Everything you need as a beginner to start is already on board.


Furthermore, it also available as a tailored version for educational purposes and a lite version for old PC even work on 15 years old one with low hardware resources. The education version is fully open source and with free software for kids and teachers to learn and teach new things such as coding, science, classroom management and control. It supports touch displays devices too such as tablets.

Download Zorin OS

The 10 most popular Linux distros verdict

So, these were the top popular Linux operating system liked by professional and non-professional for their Desktop PC and Laptops. Hence, grab the one which suits your need and style.